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Future Focused


Building on the relatively recent introduction of a new university strategy entitled ‘Rising to the Future’, UCD approached us looking for a new suite of student recruitment campaigns for both domestic and international audiences.

Insights & Approach

It’s impossible to tell what the future holds. What we do know is that the world is changing rapidly. Things that matter today, can be resigned to the past tomorrow. Industries that built countries have disappeared. Robotics are constantly replacing workers. Even the way we manage the land and sea is altering before our eyes. If we are to keep up, we too must change. Forget about today and turn our attention to the future. UCD is leading that change through its unrivalled facilities and unrivalled resources. As the next generation comes to the fore, UCD is poised to lead them into the new world ahead.  We set out to demonstrate how UCD is genuinely future focused.


We created a series of “Future Focused” campaigns promoting Irelands largest university across digital, print, cinema, and audio. Shot over 11 days with 70+ cast and crew and 40+ location moves. This was a really intricate and interesting project to be involved in. Featuring large numbers and a wide representation of UCD students and faculty members, some of the work is shown below.