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Irish Jobs

Make A Name For Yourself


Research told us that staggeringly high numbers of people are dissatisfied in their jobs, feeling undervalued and trapped. They are looking for better jobs or career moves. But career searching is hard; a cause of fear and anxiety that often manifests in apathy and procrastination.


We refer to it as our career path, and it is. Our work lives are journeys as we evolve and upskill, and sometimes jump horses. That’s a skill in itself. Along the way our identities are often defined by circumstance or family, by story of hierarchy. We’re all nobodies until we become somebodies.


We positioned Irish Jobs, Irelands leading recruitment platform, as the catalyst that lets you shape your own narrative. It helps you define the career you want and find it. To be yourself. On your terms. Fulfilling your ambition and creating the brand of you.

In a post pandemic world with “The great resignation” forming a backdrop, we invited you, the dissatisfied careerist, to ‘Make A Name For Yourself’. The new brand idea was asserted successfully across Ireland via large format OOH, dynamic social media and highly effective national radio.