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Irish Ferries

La Mer


Our “La Mer” campaign of 2019 and 2020 was designed to educate people of the new way to travel Dublin-France, drive bookings and announce the arrival of the brand-new, luxurious cruise ferry, the W.B. Yeats.  

The Strategy

The W.B. Yeats vessel had been made famous 6 months before its arrival in Ireland as a result of its late delivery (due to a prolonged production process), and the cancellation of its 2018 summer sailings. Against a backdrop of negativity publicity and widespread awareness of late delivery it was important to be very direct with the public in relation to what we were subsequently offering, while creating an atmosphere reflecting the vessels premium credentials.

Idea, Creative Approach & Execution 

Sail Dublin-France Direct on W.B. Yeats. The “La Mer” advertising campaign harnessed the evocative power of a famous Charles Trenet song from the 1940’s. We built a 3D model of the ship from architectural drawings, using the best super-real animation techniques available. We created a world that showed the ship passing the Pigeon House Towers of Dublin and heading towards La Tour Eiffel of Paris. The look was delivered consistently across all media, inviting people to “Sail in style and sail in comfort on board the brand new W.B. Yeats. Direct from Dublin to France”. We deployed media channels that asserted a strong national presence over a two year period, tailoring our message and creative expression to take account of the unique characteristics of individual media, harnessing each individual media to its fullest potential.