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The Big Active


Barnardos provide vital services and support to vulnerable children and families. The Big Active, supported by Aldi, is a new initiative by Ireland’s leading children’s charity inviting kids, schools and clubs to organise their own fundraising event that promotes health and wellbeing.


There’s more to health than just the physical: mental and emotional wellbeing is just as important. By taking a holistic approach to children’s health, Javelin and Barnardos worked to develop The Big Active, designed to help you feel good while you do good.


Our campaign encouraged organisers to get creative with their fundraising events, suggesting everything from yoga days to karaoke. This meant the challenge could be tweaked to suit the children involved so each child could take part and enjoy themselves, in keeping with Barnardos’ ethos of inclusivity and equality. The work has an energy that transfers to the viewer, including the upside down logo; a playful logo that reads the same standing on your head. Unexpected angles invite movement and engagement, bringing the campaign to life across a range of media.

For more information, visit thebigactive.ie