That's it, I'm moving to Zurich

A brand Idea

When Zurich invited us to present in 2010, to say that the Irish financial services sector had an image problem would be a considerable understatement. That led directly to a brand idea, which also contained both a call to action and a positive statement of reaction to the debacle. Not bad, in six words.

Dear 30 year old me

Then they set us a sterner test. Make us the thought leader in pensions, in Ireland.

Based on a research-verified insight that if you could make people imagine their future selves, you could get them to consider taking action on a pension. So we did just that. We brought them face to face with their future selves, and added a word of advice to them from 30 years hence.

There was no getting away from it.

Working with Zurich’s media agency, we planned a campaign that was effectively a roadblock. If you were in the target audience, you were going to see it, and hear it, and be more or less forced to interact with it online. What you could not do was ignore it. It was parodied by Oliver Callan, a result in itself. It drove a return on investment of over 400% . There are other figures, too, and they’re all good. Very good. But they’re confidential, too. Valuable commercial information tends to be. Oh and the campaign won Brand Campaign of the year at the 2014 AIM awards.