Think Bigger

The Background

As Ireland’s foremost university, UCD occupies a pre-eminent place in Irish intellectual, cultural and economic life. Not only is UCD Ireland’s largest university, it is also Ireland’s global university, its connections and influence stretching far beyond Ireland’s shores.

The Brief

To develop communications that reflect both UCD’s status as Ireland’s leading university, and the increasingly important role it plays on the international stage. To communicate this in a confident and fresh way, asserting UCD’s leadership position amongst universities across the globe.

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The Response

In his celebrated treatise The Idea of a University, Cardinal John Henry Newman, UCD’s founder, wrote that the modern university should be based on ‘true enlargement of mind’. This hugely powerful assertion became the foundation of our creative approach.

Why should any student place limits on themselves? In fact, the opposite should be insisted upon. UCD wants its students to think bigger, to reach further, to go beyond expectations.

It wants its students to reach their full potential, then go out and have a positive impact on the world. Because that’s exactly how UCD behaves itself – in the quality and global reach of its research and academic expertise.

UCD. Think Bigger.

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