Building Ireland's best loved car brand

The Brief

In 1996, Toyota had a solid reputation for reliability, an ageing model line up, and a challenge for us. Make Toyota No.1. So we went away and did our homework and 12 months later our goal was achieved: They became the No.1 car brand in Ireland. A position that has been maintained for most of the last 20 years.



Proud to play a part

We work on advertising, direct marketing, digital initiatives, CRM, loyalty; and more, above, below and through the line. In fact, between ourselves and Toyota the line is a matter of complete indifference. It’s whatever needs to be done this week or this year, and whatever works, with an eye to the long view. In recent years Toyota was rated no.1 in Ireland for corporate governance. And they are no.1 in market share, over the last 20 years.

We reward loyalty

We invented, named, implemented and run TLC – the Toyota Ireland Loyalty scheme.