Time to Say Goodbye

The Background

In 1997, Toyota delivered their first Hybrid cars, the result of a decision taken at an early stage to work, as a company, towards a different world that’s better for drivers, better for the environment, better for everyone. As competitor brands focused efforts on diesel, Toyota worked relentlessly on Hybrid technology. Today there are over 10 million Hybrids on the world’s roads. This year, Toyota released 24,000 of their hybrid technology patents to rival companies royalty-free. Just as importantly, in 2018 Toyota stopped production of all diesel passenger cars – a landmark decision here in Ireland, where almost 50% of all new cars that are sold in this marketplace are diesel.

The Ask

90% of Toyota sales in Ireland in 2020 will be Hybrid. This is Toyota’s commitment to the brand promise of ‘Built for a Better World’. Truth and trust are integral parts of the Toyota brand DNA and consumers are looking for brands they can trust and believe in, with actions not words. We are also very proud that in 2019 Toyota Hybrid was the best-selling car in Ireland. We set out to tell a simple, clear brand story of how taking the long view and adopting a leadership stance can make the world better for all of us.

The Answer

It’s Time to Say Goodbye (to Diesel).

Using the power of a belter of a track and some simple storytelling, we created an integrated campaign to show that not all car brands are the same. We celebrate the leadership of Toyota ceasing diesel production and in tandem Toyota Hybrid reaching the No. 1 position in Ireland. Media planning across TV, VOD, Cinema, Digital and Radio ensures our message is hitting our audiences in a highly targeted way, including positioning ourselves digitally within RTE’s climate week.