Irish Ferries

For lovers and ship mates...

The brief

Over the last five years we have been working closely with Irish ferries in the pursuit of 3 key goals: Improved brand awareness, growth in passenger numbers and greater market share.

Our approach

Following our appointment by Irish Ferries in 2009, we set about uncovering the truth behind their customer journey and that of their principal competitor. We discovered that “good value” and “cheap” are different things and through extensive research we unravelled the complexity of this area as it related to ferry travel. The brand at the time was positioned as “The low fares ferry company” and it quickly became apparent to us that customers simply did not relish the prospect of sailing with the Ryan Air of ferries, despite their appetite for low fares. We thus set about putting the quality of the experience at the heart of all communications, while establishing the right balance between brand and tactical activity.

The results

By 2010 Irish ferries had increased passenger numbers by 8%, outperforming its competitors. In 2011 Irish Ferries was the Winner of the International Marketing Award at the All Ireland Marketing Awards, for it’s innovative approach to increasing traffic from the UK. And overall, the activity between 2009 and 2014 has resulted in a significant market share swing on their key competitor.