Irish Ferries

Travel. Together.

Travel. Together.

2016 brought not only increased airline capacity, but Brexit, and it’s considerable impact on both Sterling and the Euro. All potentially contributing to a challenging year for a brand that operates, quite literally, between Ireland, Great Britain and France.


The unavoidable truth of course is that Irish Ferries offer a credible and attractive alternative to competing airline brands. Not to mention a significant, well known competitor on the sea also. We thus needed to increase awareness of ferry travel as an option, and address out of date, legacy perception issues of what it’s like to take the ferry. While making sure that our clients offering was differentiated strongly from all other providers.


In the knowledge that there is something different about ferry travel, we deployed numerous research groups, across the territories, to learn more. The simple truth we discovered is that taking the ferry gives people the opportunity to spend quality time together. A commodity in short supply these days.


Our new brand idea, Travel. Together. provides an ideal lense through which to show the joy of sailing Irish Ferries, in comfortable, spacious surroundings; with a bar, not a trolley, restaurants, not a sandwich; and importantly with relaxed people enjoying each other’s company. And the journey.


As you can see here, finely balancing brand and tactical messaging keeps us busy. While delivering successfully on the requirement to drive passenger numbers, of course.