Built for a better world

Building a better world with Toyota Ireland

How do you improve on being the most loved car brand in Ireland? In 2016 Javelin set out to create a new brand advertising platform for our client Toyota, based on an ambitious new brand strategy. Future oriented and challenging, the strategy speaks to a brand vision of creating not just ever better cars for the future, but supporting new and innovative initiatives to create ever better communities in Ireland. Inspired by the strategy, and some fine research and planning, encompassing both qualitative and quantitative work, we did a deep dive into uncovering the stories that we knew only Toyota could tell. We started with Toyota’s leading of the Hybrid revolution twenty years ago to millions of Toyota hybrids today. Now, Toyota are leading the way again, with new Fuel Cell technology and their Mirai – a car that emits only water, fuelled by hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe leading us to a future where harmful emissions will be a thing of the past. These and many other incredible local and global initiatives (including Toyota’s sharing of over 5,800 patents and a factory that pumps out water 5 times cleaner than it went in) led us to the brand truths and onto our new brand proposition: “Built for a Better World”. Our new TV and radio campaign here launches the first part of a new Toyota brand story. Planned, created and developed by the Toyota team at Javelin and directed, for Butter, by the ridiculously talented Brian Williams. To see our daily shoot diary, click here