The little card that works wonders.

The Brief

In a time of increasing competition amongst Irish department stores, Arnotts decided that the time had come to show their customers that they have something uniquely special to offer, through the creation of a standout loyalty programme. So they came to us, wanting to create something… wonderful. That is what we do best, after all.

Wondercard In Line 2

Starting from Scratch

Establishing a class-leading loyalty programme is a hefty undertaking, and it’s one that we were only too happy to take on. We developed a fresh new identity, taking this particular loyalty scheme to another level. We created not just a card, but surprise, delight, and a little bit of magic.

Wondercard In Line 4
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A new take on loyalty

Through the creation of the Wonder Card, we successfully took away those boring, business-centric limitations that overshadow most loyalty programmes around the world today, and made the Wonder Card something very different, something that excited prospective and current customers alike.

Wondercard In Line 6

Wonder how well it did?

The campaign broke every single target set, sky-rocketing Arnotts into a leading position.

Not too shabby for such a little card.

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