We are 30

Documentary, Research Study & Bursaries

Meet the Precariat

Hello. We are 30 is a fact, a documentary, a research study and 3 bursaries to the value of €10,000 each in our time, talent and expertise. On our birthday, we thought we’d give something back. In the film, we spoke to 30 30 year olds over the course of one day about the things that matter to them most. The result is a documentary made by award-winning director Garry Keane. Along with a survey conducted with Amarách, we’ve gained an understanding of what it means to be thirty in Ireland today, and it’s not what we expected. So, who are The Precariat?


They’re not happy.

91% say being happy with who they are is the most important thing to them, but only a third describe themselves as particularly happy.

They don’t trust you.

66% suspect their data is used by 3rd parties without their permission, and 41% are worried about what the digital giants know about them.

They need a hug.

They’re never offline, and yet they say they crave genuine face to face interaction.

They’re big on change.

But they’re not that keen to put their hand up for it. Interestingly, and perhaps surprisingly, 39% would like to see a united Ireland within 5 years.

And yet…

Despite everything they’ve been through, and they’ve been through a lot, despite the diminished horizons and expectations, they are surprisingly sanguine.

For a presentation of the research, and to find out more about the We Are 30 project, contact us at weare30@javelin.ie.