Stomping Grounds

By Katie Dobbin
14 . 10 . 16

Tasted and reviewed by Adam, Chris, James, Joe C and The Seans.

Working in an advertising agency is all about one thing. You wake up every morning striving to complete this goal and it’s the last thing you think of at night. It’s what makes you count the seconds left until lunch break or quitting time. We are, of course, talking about coffee. Not just any coffee, though. If we wanted regular coffee, we’d boil the kettle in the kitchen. No. What we were working hard to find was the best cup of coffee near the agency that balanced cost, flavour and how long the return journey of desk to café is, so you don’t get caught out by the boss. In saying that, we were all told to go for a coffee for research so I don’t think the boss minds.

Here’s our verdict of the independent Smithfield coffee houses:

A modern, independent coffee shop adjacent to Javelin headquarters. This café offers a nice alternative to the larger, corporate locations that dot the locale. Urbanity has the perfect atmosphere that welcomes groups of any size, from a gang of friends to a one-on-one meeting. The staff is very friendly and accommodating, taking a particular pride in the quality of coffee they serve that is almost unrivalled.

For the coffee aficionado out there, this location offers a transparent view of the roasting process, although this comes at the cost of the café being slightly noisy at times.

Blog_Image_2400W_Coffee_Urban_2Prices, as always, are very important and Urbanity offers one of the cheapest flat whites around, which bucks the trend of most independent coffee houses that charge exorbitant prices for increasingly tiny cups.
The Verdict: 8/10

Proper Order
While this trendy café may not be the largest in the area, it has the most charm.

Blog_Image_2400W_Coffee_PO_2The small seating area is constructed in such a way as to allow the most people to sit comfortably, not just to sit the most people. The staff knows their trade and are accommodating to both coffee snobs and novices, with a paired down menu at affordable prices, with interesting takes on old favourites, such as an apple crumble latte.

Blog_Image_2400W_Coffee_PO_1If you need a serious kick in the morning, or have to beat that post lunch slump, this is the café to visit. Rocket fuel at low prices.
The Verdict: 9/10

A quaint coffee shop, just off the square in Smithfield and spitting distance from Javelin Towers, Cinnamon has long been a favourite of our advertising coterie and for those who want to avoid the hipster element of Smithfield.

At off peak times, this café is the perfect place to sit and relax, with an inviting atmosphere, however it gets quite busy during the breakfast and lunch periods.

For the budget minded, this is an ideal location, with reduced price coffee after 3pm, and provides a perfect location for people watching. However, this comes at the cost of a slightly weaker coffee in comparison to its competitor.
The Verdict: 7/10


With the results tallied and the collective caffeine levels through the roof, it looks like Proper Order is the finest cup of coffee in the area but the results were so close that there probably are no losers. Except for the other two cafes. They didn’t win.

Cover Photo Credit: Photo by Viktor Hanacek