SEO Services

Javelin are one of Ireland’s leading search engine optimisation agencies. Based in Dublin, we have worked with companies across the world to deliver high-ranking SEO marketing results.

What is SEO?

Clever use of website copy and content that results in a higher amount of traffic through the hierarchy that search engines such as Google use. By analysing not just our clients but their competition, we can improve their search engine rankings, resulting in more relevant traffic, and higher conversion rates. We are a creative agency at heart, and that has served us well utilising creative content and earned media to develop fantastic result for our clients.


As SEO has evolved, and as search engine companies have changed, keyword implementation is no longer the only way to attain successful SEO. There are now more ways than ever to ascertain search intent so that our clients will rank on what a user is looking for, not just the topic they searched. We are regarded as innovators in search, creating long term strategies


What kind of SEO services do we offer?

As an SEO consultancy services agency, we offer content creation, link building, online PR, conversion rate optimisation and on page auditing and development. However, we are also a full service advertising agency, allowing us to combine all of our disciplines together, to ensure that our clients remain top of mind on- and off-line.

Javelin has a team of dedicated digital experts and content creators that will ensure that your website will see an increase in targeted traffic and visitors that will stay longer and be more likely to convert. We pride ourselves on creating interesting, relevant content for your site, and your audiences, that will naturally increase your search engine ranking, without jeopardising user journeys and experiences.


By creating smart content, links and online relationships, we can deliver higher traffic and visibility to our client’s site.

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