Plus Ca Changes

By Conor Kennedy
22 . 10 . 15

We were musing recently on the concept of a war room. Someone was having a major epiphany about the value of putting creative and media and strategy people alongside each other.

This was in order to respond to the opportunities that social media was creating for instant or at least rapid response advertising initiatives, Oreos and a bit of Superbowl minor snark on a power outage being perhaps the most celebrated one to date.

The someone was waxing lyrical about the new synergy to be gained by putting media, creative and strategy together, as opposed to the fractured way these disciplines had come to be housed of late. Curious how good ideas tend to come round again in this business.

What the someone was describing, in essence, was a full service agency in embryo form. And what was being lamented was the sundering of our business into strategy bought here, creative output there, media placement somewhere else again, and how cumbersome this had all become.

And so say all of us. Javelin has always been a full service agency, integrating strategy, creative, media and production for maximum synergy, and today’s digital media opportunities do indeed enable us to react even faster. We have always believed it was the model that served clients’ interests best.

It was lonely out there for a while. Seems it’s now set to get quite crowded again, and shortly. That’s fine. We have always believed in competition, too. And we always welcome a fresh conversation.