Offset 2017

By Chris Kennedy
27 . 02 . 17

We love a day out here in Javelin. So, when we got the chance to send some of the team to the opening day of Offset, the annual Irish creative conference, we jumped at the chance. It was a learning experience, so here’s what we learnt:

Offset 2017

Creativity is a muscle

It’s not that everyone can’t be creative, it’s just that some people choose not to use it. We are all creative in a way, the hard part is finding what that way is. The risk is that some can get caught with, in the words of Jean-Paul Goude, “their ass between two chairs”. He chose to follow a career in design and illustration over his love of dance simply because he was better at one than the other. If it takes 10,000 hours to be an expert, why quit before you give it a go?

Trust. Motivation. Ownership.

Those words, in that order. That’s what Nils Leonard, former Creative Chairman of Grey London, said is needed for an agency to create more effective work. By building trust with a client, an agency is able to work with the knowledge that their expertise is respected. By working together with trust in the agency, everyone has their voice heard, regardless of their age or position, to create the most effective work for the client. This in turn builds motivation. A motivated work force is a more effective unit. That’s common sense. With trust and motivation, the agency takes greater ownership of their output and is willing to stand by it. And so is the client, and the circle continues.

Don’t sell yourself short

Illustrator Rod Hunt spoke, at length, about how hard it can be for creatives to get their work spotted. He said it’s one thing to work for little, but never work for free. That undervalues yourself and your field. Echolab’s Gavin Little echoed the same thoughts (pun obviously intended). Pro Bono work is different and should be jumped at. This is a chance to do work for the public good. But when a big company asks you to work for free, tell them to jog on.

Jean-Paul Goude missed a beat

It’s not often you get to critique one of the most celebrated creatives in the world. Unless you’re a critic. Then you do it all the time. Regardless, Goude’s retrospective movie titled “So Far, So Goude” wasn’t the best pun going. Jean-Paul, if you’re reading this, here’s a few suggestions for the next film.
“The Goude, the Bad and the Ugly”
“Goude Boy Gone Bad”
“Feel Goude Lost”
“Do not go Gentle into that Goude Night”
“A Few Goude Men”

Offset 2017

All in all, we have a lot to thank the organisers of Offset for. If you are interested in learning more about Jean-Paul Goude, Nils Leonard, Rod Hunt or Gavin Little, make sure to visit the handy links on their names.

For more about Offset, visit the website here.