May we have a word?

By Conor Kennedy
19 . 01 . 17

Just the one, but a particularly well chosen one. (And not one chosen by this writer, so no trumpet is being blown here except for our corporate one.) The mighty new Toyota C-HR was launched with a poster and digital campaign that simply said Want. The one word seemed apt to sum up the appeal of the C-HR, the first foray by Toyota into the urban crossover sector, where people like their cars to come with a liberal serving of attitude. Gratifyingly, more people are opting for the Hybrid variant. And as the imposing new C-HR increasingly makes its considerable presence felt on the street, more and more people will be feeling the want for one. There is an old rule in our business, much honoured in the breach, that the ideal poster headline should comprise of no more than five words. We feel a new rule coming on here.