ICADemy Animation Workshop

By Tiffany Rose
15 . 09 . 17

Last friday Javelin sent two creatives, myself (Tiffany) and James, to ICAD’s ICADemy animation event. An afternoon of child like fun opening up the world of animation for us to have a little snoop around.


The afternoon began with Max Brady of Pull the Trigger giving us a brief talk about control and just how important it is in every area of production. Control of the set, the director, insurance and lack of control of the weather were all discussed. One of perhaps the most interesting things discussed was intellectual property rights, looking at a couple of cases that ended up in court.

Next, Rachel Carey of Boys and Girls discussed using animation from an ideation and writing point of view, reminding us of the Pixar philosophy “story is king”. Beginning by looking at the difference between low budget and cheap animation and then looking at when animation is the answer and some examples of great animation in advertising like Harvey Nichols Freebies, Global Commission on Drug Policy’s War on Drugo and, of course, The Girl and the Cloud.

Finally, a workshop run by Paper Panther Productions. Evan, Pauric and Carol brought us through some of their stunning pieces of work, some of which can be seen here. We were then split into groups and set the task of creating our own stop motion animation in the space of 2 hours. Each team were given elements to include and reassured that no idea was too crazy, which definitely shows in our little films. From creating the characters and the story, to moulding the characters out of plasticine and shooting, we got a glimpse into the amount of work that goes into creating this style of animation.

Paper Panther are now editing the films before they will be sent back to Windmill Lane to score them, and then we will see, and share, our final product.