Giving radio its due.

By Ruth Payne
29 . 11 . 16

Recently, our friends at Nielsen went back and had another look at radio, and how it is actually performing vis a vis other media. And it turns out the result is rather surprising. By counting more stations, adding in all the stations packs, direct advertisers, sponsorships, promotions and stings like time checks and traffic updates, radio’s share of total recorded spend goes up. And quite significantly, at that. Their test runs, which have been sense checked with agencies, now show a doubling of spend on radio. Yes, of course, total spend on digital is still rising, but radio, which has been with us approximately since the ark, appears to be in rather better fettle than the received wisdom would have had it. The October report, due out on December 1st, will use the new methodology and it will be back dated to January 2016.