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Javelin are one of the leading independent digital marketing agencies in Ireland. Established in Dublin in 1987, we have made it our mission to adapt and incorporate digital marketing as it has evolved with our company, making us not just adept at digital, but natives to it.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a very broad term but it has to be to include every thing that we offer. If you need an agency for SEO, PPC, social media, conversion rate optimisation, programmatic advertising or web development, we are the agency for you. Basically, if it needs an internet connection, we can do it.

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As more and more businesses move towards having a larger online presence, many do so without thinking of a careful strategy, resulting in many brands having disparate online presences. Their Instagram account doesn’t reflect their brand like their website does. Their ads appear on sites they shouldn’t, and to the wrong audience. We can offer a cohesive digital strategy for a business to optimise the investment they are making in their online presence.

What do we offer?

We offer a full suite of services that can create not only advertising for our client’s brand and products, but strategically place those ads in the path of consumers, while also making sure that these ads are converted into visits to an optimised website to be converted into transactions. Long story short, we’ll handle every part of your online needs, or just pieces of it, depending on your business’ needs.


We have worked with clients from around the world and have helped them create a cohesive online strategy to combine and optimise their online presence. By using programmatic marketing, we can learn more about your current clients and find how to target new ones, while maximising the online ad spend budget to reach these potential buyers. These potential buyers are more likely to be converted to buyers once they have engaged with a client’s ads.


The end result 

Javelin will never consider the job done when it comes to digital marketing. With every job, there is so much to learn from the success of previous work, that we are constantly innovating and improving our client’s online presence, to maximise the audience that are targetted and then to convert this audience into consumers. Through targeting and retargeting, we can get through to people who would have expressed an interest in a similar product to our client’s and convert them to consumers also.


Our digital marketing team also make smart, engaging content for the social media accounts of our clients, keeping consumers interested in a brand long after the time of purchase to make them more likely to be return buyers.


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