Offset 2017

Offset 2017

We love a day out here in Javelin. So, when we got the chance to send some of the team to the opening day of Offset, the annual Irish creative conference, we jumped at the chance. It was a learning experience, so here’s what we learnt:

Offset 2017

Creativity is a muscle
It’s not that everyone can’t be creative, it’s just that some people choose not to use it. We are all creative in a way, the hard part is finding what that way is. The risk is that some can get caught with, in the words of Jean-Paul Goude, “their ass between two chairs”. He chose to follow a career in design and illustration over his love of dance simply because he was better at one than the other. If it takes 10,000 hours to be an expert, why quit before you give it a go?

Trust. Motivation. Ownership.
Those words, in that order. That’s what Nils Leonard, former Creative Chairman of Grey London, said is needed for an agency to create more effective work. By building trust with a client, an agency is able to work with the knowledge that their expertise is respected. By working together with trust in the agency, everyone has their voice heard, regardless of their age or position, to create the most effective work for the client. This in turn builds motivation. A motivated work force is a more effective unit. That’s common sense. With trust and motivation, the agency takes greater ownership of their output and is willing to stand by it. And so is the client, and the circle continues.

Don’t sell yourself short
Illustrator Rod Hunt spoke, at length, about how hard it can be for creatives to get their work spotted. He said it’s one thing to work for little, but never work for free. That undervalues yourself and your field. Echolab’s Gavin Little echoed the same thoughts (pun obviously intended). Pro Bono work is different and should be jumped at. This is a chance to do work for the public good. But when a big company asks you to work for free, tell them to jog on.

Jean-Paul Goude missed a beat
It’s not often you get to critique one of the most celebrated creatives in the world. Unless you’re a critic. Then you do it all the time. Regardless, Goude’s retrospective movie titled “So Far, So Goude” wasn’t the best pun going. Jean-Paul, if you’re reading this, here’s a few suggestions for the next film.
“The Goude, the Bad and the Ugly”
“Goude Boy Gone Bad”
“Feel Goude Lost”
“Do not go Gentle into that Goude Night”
“A Few Goude Men”

Offset 2017

All in all, we have a lot to thank the organisers of Offset for. If you are interested in learning more about Jean-Paul Goude, Nils Leonard, Rod Hunt or Gavin Little, make sure to visit the handy links on their names.

For more about Offset, visit the website here.


Why we love a very good direct marketing campaign at Javelin

Why we love a very good direct marketing campaign at Javelin

Good direct marketing can deliver very good, even extraordinary results. Campaigns that use smart data planning, that are creatively executed with talent and charm, and that are strategically delivered can have a business-changing return on investment.

Here in Javelin, we treat direct marketing with the creative passion it deserves. We’ve been trusted with more than our fair share of great briefs, many of which have been amongst our most interesting, awarded and commercially successful ventures.

Here is a snapshot of some of our recent favourites.


Toyota Customer Acquisition

Toyota Ireland: Customer Acquisition, B2C

Task “Our cars last for ever, so a lot of what our potential customers see is our older models on the road. We have an incredible new stylish range from the Aygo to Rav4 – we need to show more people our product range and how contemporary it is. How should we bring the range to potential conquest buyers proactively and not expect that they will come to us?”

Answer Data profiling allowed us to analyse the existing customer database and assess who we should really be targeting, whether lookalikes or perhaps a different demographic. Having defined our core audience using the census and our own data, we decided targeted direct marketing was the answer. % points were then assigned for those of the 3500 micro areas that fit our key profile most accurately. We decided to target 10% of the available adult population that fit this profile with semi addressed direct marketing at national street level. Strong creative that married softer brand messaging seamlessly with harder tactical messaging was delivered.

Results Post campaign analysis pointed to laser targeting in our profiling. 31% of those who bought a brand new Toyota in the subsequent 3 months had been in our original target data set – a significant % increase over the 10% of population targeted, and a significant % over Toyota’s typical market share.


Arnotts Wonder Card

Arnotts : Wonder Card Loyalty & CRM programme

Task When Arnotts briefed Javelin to develop the naming, identity and launch for their new loyalty programme, it was a dream of a brief. Accompanied by tear sheets of examples of brands’ work that our client loved as a guide, along with a great set of product propositions, they let us loose to create.

Answer The loyalty programme was unique in its make-up and offering and would leapfrog all other older Irish retail loyalty offerings to be best–in-class – the final agreed naming of the programme as the “Wonder Card” the look and feel and the advertising proposition “Unconditionally Yours” were derived directly from the unique product benefits. No restrictions on using points in the sales, use across every area in the whole store, treats and prizes and points on your birthday, a swift, easy, app experience.

Results The agency identity and design, creative executions for the App, and the direct marketing, digital and advertising launch campaign led to a flood of 100,000 signups in the first 4 months. We were delighted that Arnotts took home the 2015 AIM award for best Mobile campaign, and that Javelin took the Gold Award at the Smart Marketing awards for Best Integrated Campaign, along with a Gold for best Retail Campaign.


BT Lead Generation

British Telecom (BT Ireland) : Lead Generation/Acquisition B2B

Task Launch our new Cloud Contact proposition to major enterprises in the Irish marketplace, and with a budget of €99,000 deliver a sales pipeline to the BT sales teams of €2 million.

Answer An end to end campaign, using data propensity profiling, Qual and Quant research, 3D direct mail, highly personalised landing pages, cascading triggered e-shots, VIP thought leadership seminars, social campaigns via LinkedIn & Twitter, and experiential.

Results This campaign delivered €13 million in pipeline potential, and an actual directly attributable sales figure of €7 million. It also delivered Gold for Best Data Strategy, and Best B2B Campaign at the Smart Marketing Awards.


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May we have a word?

May we have a word?

Just the one, but a particularly well chosen one. (And not one chosen by this writer, so no trumpet is being blown here except for our corporate one.) The mighty new Toyota C-HR was launched with a poster and digital campaign that simply said Want. The one word seemed apt to sum up the appeal of the C-HR, the first foray by Toyota into the urban crossover sector, where people like their cars to come with a liberal serving of attitude. Gratifyingly, more people are opting for the Hybrid variant. And as the imposing new C-HR increasingly makes its considerable presence felt on the street, more and more people will be feeling the want for one. There is an old rule in our business, much honoured in the breach, that the ideal poster headline should comprise of no more than five words. We feel a new rule coming on here.


Giving radio its due.

Giving radio its due.

Recently, our friends at Nielsen went back and had another look at radio, and how it is actually performing vis a vis other media. And it turns out the result is rather surprising. By counting more stations, adding in all the stations packs, direct advertisers, sponsorships, promotions and stings like time checks and traffic updates, radio’s share of total recorded spend goes up. And quite significantly, at that. Their test runs, which have been sense checked with agencies, now show a doubling of spend on radio. Yes, of course, total spend on digital is still rising, but radio, which has been with us approximately since the ark, appears to be in rather better fettle than the received wisdom would have had it. The October report, due out on December 1st, will use the new methodology and it will be back dated to January 2016.


How we built a better world.

by James Edmondson

November 11th was the end of one journey, and the beginning of a new one. Our new brand TV commercial for Toyota aired for the first time. In late October, we had teamed up with the production company, Butter, its fiendishly talented Director, Brian Williams, and Producer, Grainne Tiernan, to embark on a 3 day shoot. These 3 days would take us from my own doorstep in Booterstown, Co. Dublin, to some breath taking parts of Ireland and all the way up to one of the country’s most northerly points.



We began shortly after dawn on the first day, just off the seafront in Booterstown. The clear and frosty morning augured a pleasant day ahead for shooting, and that it was. A suburban house was our setting for the morning and early afternoon. Its interior had been transformed from a family home into a high intensity studio. Our actors, Brian and Ray, were a delight to watch. Playing a son and his father, we saw the first spark between them in the boy’s bedroom. The son, Brian, was a burst of energy from the get go, and that came with its up and downs, but even off camera, the father, Ray, seemed to lend a helpful and almost fatherly hand of motivation and direction to the boy.


After breakfast in The Ferryman on the Liffey, which can only be described as a wonderful time warp in the midst of the ever more sleekly growing Silicon Dock, we began to gear up for our second day. Equipment vehicles, buses and rig vehicles lined Sir John Rogerson’s Quay. A Mercedes G-Class rigged with a cinematic ‘RED’ camera through a huge and complex exterior frame was to be our main piece of kit for the day. The Toyota C-HR was to be our focus. All polished up and manned by Ray, we executed several shots of the car weaving its way around the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre and Facebook.

With all cameras rolling, and a drone readied for flight, it was time to set sail for the far north. Donegal awaited. Two shots were on our agenda, the Port Tunnel and the road ahead. Both were required to be accomplished in one take, to keep the convoy in motion, and by some divine miracle we managed to pull it off, to the delight of Director, Brian, and Art Director, Martin Watts, known to the world as Marty.

A long journey then took us to Glenveagh National Park. Really one didn’t need to see anymore of what Donegal had to offer, because this was it. An enormous fjord-like valley stretched four kilometres away from us. There were spectacular scenes to capture, and no better location for us to conclude our day and carry out aerial drone shots of the C-HR winding its way along a road at the water’s edge. A good day’s work.


On the final day of the shoot, we assembled at the Ards Forest Park to a slightly more disappointing morning of weather. The heavens had opened; our window of opening had been very firmly closed. But you press on. A huge trailer rig was assembled to carry the C-HR as we shot it against the backdrop of the sensational surrounding landscape. We then ventured into the dense mystical forest to capture some of the father & son’s journey on foot.

Our final location was the pick of the bunch. After a meandering route to the top of Ireland, we arrived at Fanad Lighthouse. It was to be the final destination for our characters too. The lighthouse is perched on top of a sea stack, cut away from the headland. It is bridged by a rather precarious looking driveway, with ten foot waves crashing against the base on either side.


A carefully planned set up of lighting was scattered across the adjacent headlands. This provided a beautiful natural, if slightly idealised, glow for the crew to shoot the final scene in the darkness of night. Father & son walked to the edge of the cliff, lantern in hand, and gazed up at the stars. At 9pm, lashed by the rain and the wind, the moment that Marty and Brian had been striving for finally arrived. Against both the odds and the elements, and with the last roll of the camera, there it was on the monitor. A happy birthday serenade broke out on the cliff’s edge for our DOP, Callan Green, and Brian, the Director, finally came out with the longed for phrase. “That’s a wrap.”

There is a litany of aspects that I can draw on from being a part of the crew that made this shoot seem like a walk in the park, despite the caprice of the weather. However, watching the innate rapport and interaction between our Senior Art Director, Marty, and Director, Brian, was the stand out feature for me. Their shared vision and aspiration was a pleasure to see first hand. Furthermore, witnessing this project from its concept stage all the way through to its fruition was an experience to savour. And sitting down at home with a cup of tea to watch it on air on national television really was the icing on top.



Stomping Grounds

Stomping Grounds

Tasted and reviewed by Adam, Chris, James, Joe C and The Seans.

Working in an advertising agency is all about one thing. You wake up every morning striving to complete this goal and it’s the last thing you think of at night. It’s what makes you count the seconds left until lunch break or quitting time. We are, of course, talking about coffee. Not just any coffee, though. If we wanted regular coffee, we’d boil the kettle in the kitchen. No. What we were working hard to find was the best cup of coffee near the agency that balanced cost, flavour and how long the return journey of desk to café is, so you don’t get caught out by the boss. In saying that, we were all told to go for a coffee for research so I don’t think the boss minds.

Here’s our verdict of the independent Smithfield coffee houses:

A modern, independent coffee shop adjacent to Javelin headquarters. This café offers a nice alternative to the larger, corporate locations that dot the locale. Urbanity has the perfect atmosphere that welcomes groups of any size, from a gang of friends to a one-on-one meeting. The staff is very friendly and accommodating, taking a particular pride in the quality of coffee they serve that is almost unrivalled.

For the coffee aficionado out there, this location offers a transparent view of the roasting process, although this comes at the cost of the café being slightly noisy at times.

Blog_Image_2400W_Coffee_Urban_2Prices, as always, are very important and Urbanity offers one of the cheapest flat whites around, which bucks the trend of most independent coffee houses that charge exorbitant prices for increasingly tiny cups.
The Verdict: 8/10

Proper Order
While this trendy café may not be the largest in the area, it has the most charm.

Blog_Image_2400W_Coffee_PO_2The small seating area is constructed in such a way as to allow the most people to sit comfortably, not just to sit the most people. The staff knows their trade and are accommodating to both coffee snobs and novices, with a paired down menu at affordable prices, with interesting takes on old favourites, such as an apple crumble latte.

Blog_Image_2400W_Coffee_PO_1If you need a serious kick in the morning, or have to beat that post lunch slump, this is the café to visit. Rocket fuel at low prices.
The Verdict: 9/10

A quaint coffee shop, just off the square in Smithfield and spitting distance from Javelin Towers, Cinnamon has long been a favourite of our advertising coterie and for those who want to avoid the hipster element of Smithfield.

At off peak times, this café is the perfect place to sit and relax, with an inviting atmosphere, however it gets quite busy during the breakfast and lunch periods.

For the budget minded, this is an ideal location, with reduced price coffee after 3pm, and provides a perfect location for people watching. However, this comes at the cost of a slightly weaker coffee in comparison to its competitor.
The Verdict: 7/10


With the results tallied and the collective caffeine levels through the roof, it looks like Proper Order is the finest cup of coffee in the area but the results were so close that there probably are no losers. Except for the other two cafes. They didn’t win.

Cover Photo Credit: Photo by Viktor Hanacek

Casa Bacardí 2016. That’s a wrap.

Casa Bacardí 2016. That’s a wrap.

After all the hard work on Casa Bacardí 2016, this week we thoroughly enjoyed the official sign off party with our friends in Bacardí. They have been known to say “team work makes the dream work” and we are with them on that. Oh and we recommend either the Zombie Slayer or the Espresso Martini down in the Lemon and Duke. Here’s to EP 2017!

Bacardi Wrap Party

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